Sanka's technical skills, genuine care for customer, and his unwavering commitment to the success of his colleagues stood out from the very first time I started working with Sanka. Over the last many years Sanka has continued to grow in his leadership and business skills. Apart from his professional excellence, I have been inspired by his dedication to provide growth platforms to young innovaters.
Chandran Nair
Group President
During my long journey with LabVIEW that began in early 90-ties, I met only a few software engineers that had these outstanding capabilities as excellent "brain wiring" specifically created for solving software architecture challenges, ability to see entire systems as mental images of interconnected functional blocks, and finally exceptional way of implementing designs and creating complex systems. Sanka is one of these.
Mark Kubis
Principal Software Engineer
Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore
Sanka's key fortes are his full of vitality, resilience and tenacity as person that I know of. He is an avid and seasoned and highly experienced Certified LabVIEW Developer(CLD). He is also a remarkable pioneering, founding 'father' of the Singapore LabVIEW User Group, where he has contributed significantly to the development of this User Group.
Alex See (PhD, M.Ed)
Award Recipient & Educator
Sanka is passionate in whatever he does and he is a positive influence to people around him. It was a tremendous experience to work under Sanka, in 2 years time, he has hone both my technical and pr skill, we closed more than 20 projects together and all customers are satisfied with what was delivered. I am thankful that I met Sanka at the beginning of my career and is my privilege to know a great mind like him.
Clara Yu
Programmer, Piano Teacher and Music Transcriber
Providev is a professional, highly efficient and considerate company. They solved us a long-term problem within only a few days; and gave us some valuable suggestions. Our almost died system now goes fluently. Now we are ready for cooperation on the next.
NTU Singapore
Agile, in-depth subject knowledge, very realistic.. No false promises, have solution for almost everything..
A team of engineers and scientists
from NTU, Singapore
Providev provides professional services and quality solutions. Able to work closely with customers and is patient with queries. Excellent experience working with Providev.
HT Lim
from Singapore
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